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Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole by Guerlain, a honey nectar sublimated with flowers


Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole by Guerlain, a honey nectar sublimated with flowers
Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole by Guerlain, a honey nectar sublimated with flowers

Aqua Allegoria perfumes constitute one of the most famous collections of the Guerlain house . Each of them takes us to a particular garden, to a unique place in the world. From India to Italy, Venezuela and Indonesia, Guerlain travels the four corners of the planet in search of rare and iconic raw materials. This time, it is the turn of honey to be honored. In 2021, Guerlain announces the arrival of sunny days, with a concentrate of pleasure gathered in a huge field of flowers. This new creamy and solar fragrance is called Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole.

Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole, a fragrance collected by bees

The bee has always been an insect very dear to Guerlain. Indeed, the brand is committed to its conservation, in particular within the Conservatory of the Breton black bee of the island of Ouessant. She thus uses her honey in many of her cosmetic products and has made it one of the greatest symbols of her brand. Once again, the bee is therefore in the spotlight. However, it invites itself here in a solar and spring fragrance. Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole works in favor of biodiversity. As explained by its perfumers, Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk, it was a question of “drawing from nature, with respect, what is most beautiful […] and exploring a honeyed bouquet made up of the largest flowers. of perfumery ”.

Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole, a refreshing honey nectar

Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole is a fragrance that smells of spring. It is a delicious iced honey, like the vibrant and aerial wings of a bee landing on a multitude of flowers. Illuminated by Calabrian bergamot and aquatic flowers, it transcends the beauty of honey and illuminates the body of women. As if it came from a floral field, it also contains many flowers, such as rose, magnolia and jasmine.

Create your own composition

Guerlain also specifies that its Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole fragrance can be combined with other fragrances from the same Aqua Allegoria range, such as Bergamotte Calabria, Coconut Fizz, Orange Soleia, Mandarine Basilic or Ginger Piccante. Through this combination, it is a matter of creating your own olfactory signature, for example by giving it a more herbaceous, spicy or more exotic touch. To do this, all you need to do is perfume yourself successively with the two chosen fragrances, in equal quantities.

The iconic bottle of the Aqua Allegoria collection

Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole is no exception to tradition and is presented in a bottle common to the entire collection. More concretely, it is a reinterpretation of the mythical Bee Flask, developed in 1853. It includes its chiseled honeycomb dome in golden color. Its luminous juice is reminiscent of the color of honey. Imagined by the sculptor Robert Granai, this glass case is associated this time with a packaging imagined by the American street artist Michael De Feo. Aqua Allegoria Nettare Di Sole is available in a 125 ml spray bottle.

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