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CK One, the Calvin Klein perfume in a new box


CK One, Calvin Klein's cult perfume in a new box
CK One, Calvin Klein‘s cult perfume in a new box

CK One, Calvin Klein’s cult perfume in a unique box

It was while observing his children that Calvin Klein had the idea to develop the CK One perfume. He observed their mix of genres and their ease of mingling with each other. He immediately decided to make a mixed perfume. CK One is considered by many to be the first great androgynous juice in history. Born in the mid-90s, he literally marked a whole generation of men and women. It is aimed at all individuals in search of sharing and authenticity. CK One is a scent of freedom for anyone who wants to live their life as they see fit. He dares a disconcerting nonconformism and this time delivers himself in a new box.

The aromatic freshness of the CK One fragrance

CK One is a fragrance that focuses on freshness. In this sense, it recalls the scent of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, plus the tenacity! It is built around a chord of green tea refreshed with bergamot. Pineapple, meanwhile, gives this scent a more sparkling and fruity air. Its heart brings together a multitude of transparent flowers such as rose, violet and hedione, a synthetic molecule resembling jasmine. Fresh spices complete the CK One recipe. Finally, it ends with a more enveloping and sensual breath of amber and musk.

CK One’s sleek box

CK One is presented this time in an elegant white box . Its very refined style fits perfectly with the image we have of this perfume. It comes in two different versions. Each of them offers the CK One spray in a 100 ml format associated with the choice of the CK One stick deodorant or the shower gel from the same range.

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