Le Lion de Chanel, the new fragrance from the Exclusifs de Chanel collection


Le Lion de Chanel, the new fragrance from the Exclusifs de Chanel collection
Le Lion de Chanel, the new fragrance from the Exclusifs de Chanel collection

Le Lion de Chanel, a newcomer to the Chanel Exclusives collection

Gabrielle Chanel is one of the most amazing women of the last century. Advocating emancipation, she was not lacking in daring and we owe her a lot in terms of fashion and perfumery. So, even if Coco is no more, the brand bearing her name continues to pay tribute to her year after year. Once again, in 2020, it is quite a symbol that appears in his glory. The new Exclusifs fragrance from the Chanel company is called Le Lion de Chanel. A reference to Gabrielle Chanel’s zodiac sign, it also recalls the designer’s favorite animal, used in many collections.

The Chanel Exclusives Collection

Chanel is a brand which is one of the most prestigious French brands. For many decades, Chanel has done everything to make women unforgettable, both through its couture creations and through its inimitable fragrances. Chanel designs rare fragrances, made of mystery and elegance. Some of them even rank as true legends. It is therefore precisely to pay tribute to this rarity and this innate sense of luxury that the Exclusifs de Chanel collection was designed. From bottle to bottle, this olfactory blend highlights all the perfection and refinement according to Chanel, offering us rare essences, timeless and trendy. Today, Le Lion de Chanel joins this prestigious ensemble and is invited to Haute Parfumerie.

Le Lion de Chanel, a very personal echo to Gabrielle Chanel

The Lion of Chanel refers to the designer Coco Chanel, born under the zodiac sign of Leo. It also echoes one of the most inspiring animals in Gabrielle Chanel’s entire career. Indeed, she saw in the Lion a symbol of courage, of strength but also of grace. It is therefore natural that Gabrielle Chanel made it one of her emblems, often used as a character in her creations, and appearing on many of her jewelry.

Le Lion de Chanel, a fresh and tawny essence

Of course, since it is about a lion, this perfume gives off a certain animality. Designed by Olivier Polge, exclusive perfumer of Chanel, Le Lion de Chanelopens with a fresh and sparkling citrus scent. Here, bergamot mixes with lemon for a very invigorating result. Then, the whole evolves towards warm and more oriental tones. Labdanum resin is used here for its animal and sensual scent, while being accompanied by a base of Madagascan vanilla, sweeter. The musk further amplifies the sexy side of the whole, while being structured with sandalwood and patchouli. In fact, Olivier Polge explains: “I was much more interested in the emblematic Lion of Chanel than in the animal”. The Lion of Chanel is a symbol of courage, perseverance and luxury. This fragrance will appear on the Middle Eastern market in May 2020, and from January 2021 in the rest of the world.

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