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The different YSL lip pencils


The Yves Saint-Laurent house brilliantly combines elegance and daring. If this resurfaces in each of its perfumes, this philosophy is also embodied by its makeup department. Yves Saint-Laurent lip pencils offer you the best of technology in terms of make-up, benefiting from the impetus of the most prestigious make-up artists in the world. Tom Pecheux, International Director of Beauty Yves Saint-Laurent , continues to perfect the existing formulas of the brand’s products. So, how about modulating your smile by adding a line of Yves Saint-Laurent lip liner?

The Highlighter for the Lips

The Highlighter for the Lips
The Highlighter for the Lips

The Yves Saint-Laurent Highlighter for Lips, highlighting your smile

The Yves Saint-Laurent Highlighter for the Lips dresses your mouth with a veil of light. This shine increases the visual volume of your lips and makes your mouth more plump. The idea is to put notes of light on certain areas of your lips, so as to give them more relief. Acting like a real strobing of the mouth, this make-up draws attractive optical effects.

The Highlighter for the Lips, the complement to all your make-up

The Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Highlighter Crayon can be used with all types of makeup you like, whether it’s a gloss or a lipstick. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a very extravagant color or a tone on tone, the Lip Highlighter Pencil is unmatched for giving relief to your make-up!

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Styler

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Yves Saint Laurent Lip Styler

The Lip Styler, a multi-purpose lip pen

Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Styler can be used in different ways. First of all, it helps to outline the outline of your mouth. By drawing the outer limit of your lips with a controlled and precise gesture, you prevent your lipstick from slipping into the folds of your skin. Your makeup immediately becomes more elegant. Finally, the Lip Styler also allows you to color the inside of your lips, for better tenacity of your makeup and more depth.

The creamy formula of Lip Styler

Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Styler has recently benefited from a new, more creamy formula than before. Thus, despite its hold, the Lip Styler remains very comfortable. It does not dry out the lips and prolongs its color for 6 hours. Very resistant, it does not fear the vagaries of everyday life and does not compromise on your style.

Like all Yves Saint-Laurent products, the brand’s lip pencils don’t just put color on your smile. They combine the most cutting-edge science with glamor and sensoriality, for ever more pleasure and protection. With Yves Saint-Laurent lip pencils , it is all the quality of a professional gesture that is offered to you. From now on, no one will resist your charming smile …

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